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If enough people turned everything on often enough there would not be enough capacity given the amount of appliances we all have these days.

I think that there is very clear choice to be made in Ireland at this time do we rely on imported fossil or nuclear fuels that we have no control over the supply of or we invest large sums in renewables like in the above examples. The smaller of the 2 examples would even on much reduced North Sea winds provide for all domestic use in Co Cork whilst the larger example would provide for every household in the GDA.

Given the massive carbon tax exposure this country faces at EU level and that there are no domestic utilities to invest in for the National Pensions Reserve Fund this type of scheme would fit very nicely in a number of boxes. This would also give the electricity market suffcient time to reform to concentrate on industrial, commercial and agricultural uses.

What can’t continue are the number of small scale wind farm developments in upland areas that both degrade habitats and give a veneer that something is actually happening in renewable energy; which other than the Arklow Banks scheme is very small and makes a mockery of the climatic advantage this country possesses.

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