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The report of the Taskforce on Active Citizenship has been published.
You can read their conclusions here.

So did they make any connection with architecture/urban design and community ethos? A little.

@Citizenship report wrote:

A related issue is the failure of the planning system to take sufficient
account of the needs of people and communities, especially in relation to
community facilities and local services. This can have a significant negative
impact on people’s sense of community and creates practical barriers to
participation. In this context, the Taskforce notes the draft Development
Plan Guidelines for Planning Authorities which emphasise the need for
development plans to set out strategic vision for areas based on proper
planning and sustainable development.
The Taskforce recognises that there are no quick-fix solutions to the
difficulties of planning for strong communities in the context of a rapidly
growing population and pressures on the availability of essential public
services. It supports the growing emphasis on sustainable communities at
policy level, including through the National Spatial Strategy, and believes
that these should be translated consistently into development plans
and planning decisions. Better public transport remains a key long-term
requirement for sustainable communities and Active Citizenship. In all
cases, strong and genuine input from the local community is essential and
inclusive and genuine consultation needs to become the norm. Provision
of community and recreational facilities must be a core requirement for all
major new housing developments.

The Taskforce recommends:
that Local Authorities should prioritise the provision of community and
recreational facilities as part of Development Plans and subsequent
planning decisions. An audit of implementation of this approach should
be carried out by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local
Government and revised legislation introduced if necessary

There is also a section that makes a link between very long commuting times and low participation in community.

The report finds low rates of participation in community in urban compared to suburban and rural areas. Also low rates amongst immigrants, the poor and the old. All of which makes sense.

The report claims to find that participation in community is not declining. This was determined by comparing surveys in 2002 and 2006. I would imagine the figures would show a clear long term decline between say 1976 and 2006. (although the country would have improved by just about every other measure in that time)

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