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A pragmatic decision no doubt heavily influenced by the VAT implications of it going to Newry,

I am absolutely against retail warehousing having a free reign but in this case subject to well thought out conditions being put in place; I agree with it, I do however have three major concerns.

Firstly traffic generation and without stating the obvious that will place a traffic management requirement never seen outside a City Centre in this Country before, of particular concern is the new Dublin Bus central bus depot at Horizon Logistics Park which relies entirely on the Ballymun M50 junction for access beyond its site. IKEA should be made pay for a flyover and dedicated bus lanes a good distance beyond their store to ensure that the entire bus network isn’t affected.

Secondly car parking, I really feel that Ikea must be made build at least 70% of their parking in multi-storey car parks to preserve the adjoining urban densities, given that a public transport corridor will be required to service their warehouse, the least they can do is practice at least some bit of sustainability. I also feel that the home delivery option should be looked at and some level of capital grants should be given to all ‘bulky goods’ retailers for encouraging public transport use.

Thirdly that it will set a dangerous precedent; the definition of ‘bulky goods’ needs to be enshrined in the legislation to follow, this cannot be ‘non-food’ only it must be strictly ‘bulky goods’ ‘kitchen appliances’ ‘Garden centres’ and ‘motor showroom’ only. The legislation must proscribe ‘sports goods’ ‘clothing & apperell’ ‘<40% appliances in electronics' and 'department store' The precendent here is the appeal taken by the developers of the Dundalk retail park at Coes Road Dundalk, wherebye Dundalk UDC inserted a condition that only 'bulky goods' could be sold, the developer appealed and An Bord Plennala found in favour of the original submission by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce that the sale of 'Clothes & Apperel' & 'Sports Goods' would injure their business by reason of an unfair rental structure, lower commercial rates etc.

If those concerns were addressed I would say, let the consumers enjoy the savings, put Ikea freindly courses into the local VEC’s to aid locals into the workforce and watch the entire retail warehouse sector elsewhere collapse. If this is built there won’t be a viable retail warehouse scheme this side of Mitchelstown.

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