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Graham H qoute – If anything, domestic lighting has been digging itself into an even bigger hole in recent years that will prove even harder to emerge from in coming years. The more an unsuitable infrastructure is put in place, the more difficult it is to adapt from. LED technologies meanwhile have barely registered on the domestic radar thus far, in spite of inroads in the commercial sector. Big improvements have to be made. end qoute

There are some LED “spot” lights included here ……FQwsOAodDx04Rg

What puzzling me is that all lamps here are “replacement” lamps – remove the old in efficient lamp and use one of these … what I mean is that The Draft L 2007 document is requiring fittings “that take only” energy efficient lamps , presumably to take ( efficient ) lamps that will only fit these fittings . Anybody familiar with products out there ?

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