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Did anyone else see the Leinster House maintenance/services manager on the news the other night? She was being interviewed in this room in Leinster House…

…with that exact Waterford chandelier glittering loftily above her.

She proudly proclaimed that Leinster House now has 80% of its lighting comprised of energy saving light bulbs, “such as this example above me here” *points awkwardly above while smirking broadly*. This of course was one of the very few chandeliers left in any State building in the capital that hasn’t as yet been desecrated by preposterous plastic CFL bulbs, but rather still fitted with elegant crystal-like clear incandescent candle bulbs. One must of course fully accept that it was an entirely innocent mistake to chose this chandelier as demonstrative of a successful conversion, while the fact that it showed the State in such an aesthetically considerate light was naturally entirely coincidental, and the taking of the public for such mugs was a completely unfortunate and unintended error.

It is most curious we didn’t get to see some nice close-ups of the delicate brass chandeliers of the corridors of Leinster House fitted up with garish white lumps of plastic emitting a delightfully pleasant pink glow, or the glittering French crystal chandeliers of the Áras decked out in Presidential splendour with their eye-catching array of PVC ballasts and infantile frosted domed forms.

The Shelbourne, a Victorian hotel of modest proportions, can invest in an architecturally sensitive LED design solution for its multiple glass fittings, as can countless other institutions internationally, and yet the Irish State cannot invest in a bale of energy efficient LED candle bulbs for its flagship historic buildings.

They may cost €20 a pop retail, but they also last at least five times longer than CFLs and consume the grand total of 1.2w.

The mind boggles.

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