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@paul h wrote:

Cork city – pop.119.143 (2006 census)
metro cork – pop.274,000

Belfast city – pop.277,391 (2001 census)
Belfast metro – pop.579,554

Dublin City – pop.505,739 (2006 census)
Dublin metro – pop 1.6 million (estimataed by CSO to reach 2.1 million by 2021)

So in summary:
Cork = teeny tiny
Belfast = tiny
Dublin = small to medium
😀 😀

Seriously can we lose the Cork / Dublin shite (and that applies to posters from both necks of the wood). Yes Dublin is much bigger, yes quality of life is better in Cork and yes one is a crap small international city and the other is a crap medium international city. Can we now concentrate, on the correct threads, with suggestions on how to improve both.

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