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@ake wrote:

Oh my God tell me they are not going to put that illuminous green cheap plastic shite all the way up the tower! Why is that horrible crap popping up all over the place?! It’s the single ugliest building material I have ever seen anywhere in my life. It should be banned. Can we could not afford a nice polished granite or sandstone in this country overflowing with money

Ditto. Thats stuff looks horrific enough at low levels never mind it sticking out of the skyline, and in such quantity. Cant see all that green doing anything for the aesthetics of this building in years to come. IMO if you;re going to build up, you need to select the materials very carefully. That green cladding will not stand the test of time visually imo although never seen it used on a building of that height yet so could be proved wrong. Anywhere it has been used it looks cheap and nasty (its all over Galway and looks horrible). They could have at least used some real copper !

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