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aha, we’re some way in agreement, put it this way, in the space of a couple of posts i reckon we have talked more about the transport and buses policy in cork than the department of transport has in a long time.

You’re right in that it would have to be looked at but its just a personal opinion that the current station is inefficient for the intercity express buses. I agree with you that there should be some sort of public space there alright, it would be nice that side of the city if people were waiting on the small buses. Expand the building on the site, put in some sort of public space/park, then rent out some of the space so the state earns money from its site, increase the height (the precedent is now set with an 8 storey office block going up right next to the station), dump the intercity buses out of there where possible

The key to the small little buses zipping around the place is to first get more cars out of the city and b) the absolute key. Dont let the state run it ( why? ask CIE and Bus Eireann why they are having to be rationalised and all their fares put up).

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