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Hmm, I don’t mean to be offensive, but I do disagree. I think Cork has some nice little lanes, and I like the South Mall because it’s the only street in the city that looks like a city rather than a town. I think Patrick Street is a failed project, full of dirty and decrepit looking buildings. MacCurtain Street looks like it’s straight out of the 70s. Washington Street is just a bunch of warehouses, and the Grand Parade is another failed project full of clutter and totally lifeless in the lower half. The quays are mind-numbingly ugly from Patrick Street right down to the bus station and beyond, on both sides. And the surrounding hills, areas like Shandon etc., are full of those old plastered grey buildings which depress the hell out of me. The big problem with Cork, like most Irish towns and cities, is the lack of attention to detail. There are some nice old buildings that are dirty, or badly kept etc. The paving stones on Patrick Street and Grand Parade are ugly and depressing. They should have used the golden French limestone paving stones they’re using in Limerick.

That’s a rather narrow view – it only looks good if it looks like other city streets are supposed to look?

I believe it’s the narrow streets and low, old style buildings which give Cork its charm. Most cities of the world would give their eye-teeth to be described as “like a small town”.

I do agree wholeheartedly about the condition of many buildings though; there are far, far too many buildings in the city centre in a very poor state of repair. Look at the library, the top several feet of it are black!

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