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:eek:noticed the building along with county hall was lit up all over the jazz weekend. As a friend who was visiting cork for the first time pointed out it looks like a brothel lit up. What a monstosity we have created glass all one side and plastic the other 3. Shame on you Michael O flynn you had the oppertunity to build something wonderful and you built a joke. And before you criticise my opinion I recently had the pleasure of visiting a real city, Miami, and what wonderful buildings they have. Pity our developers are so incompetant and anal. In the words of a great man ‘I pity the fool’ who is dumb enough to waste money on moving into an over priced sticklebrick compound that will no doubt be ripped down in 20 years when we all come to our senses. And before people have a go I was very excited about this project considering I love high rises and as far as I’m concerned the more highrises the better but for goodness sake at least build them right and make them look good. The atlantic quarter has alot of potential but should we be so lucky that it gets built????? Not in our lifetime I expect. All I’ll say is Mr. O Flynn you f**ked up.

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