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@demolition man wrote:

Why do people have to put the Elysian down all the time?To me,while there may be some flaws such as the white cylindrical tower piece and the dank panelling on the west side, is still a welcome addition to the city’s skyline.

Considering the bland tripe being built in the dublin docklands and being proposed in kennedy quay we should be appreciating this development and be encouraging new developments to show similar uniqueness. I don’t know how some people get off on critiscising the Elysian when there is nothing else bettering it in terms of design (that is on a similar scale) in the city or even in the entire country.

It’s the best of a bad lot eh?
I accept the Elysian as an everyday, run of the mill buildind design. It should never have been put out there as the “best of Irish”.
It is a nice block of apartments with shops underneath, nothing more, nothing less.

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