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@Dieter wrote:

The fact that you don’t like Tynan’s design does not make it bad architecture. What is truly “embarrassing” is to read subjective ranting on a site that is supposed to be for serious architectural criticism. I am not surprised that you find it an effort to “keep it up”.

This site is for architects AND anyone with an opinion. I may not be an architect but I am quite capable of judging what I feel to be an attractive building or not. I don’t look at a building like Victoria Mills and say “Hmm…doesn’t look nice, looks quite old fashioned, but era it’s probably really environmentally friendly and the ecustics must be amaaaazing!”

You’ve a fair point, but I’m entitled to mine – I respect your opinion but I really do think that VIc Mills “flats” are embarassing and bland.

(Excuse me for continuing a conversation which is not directly related to the Eglington St. development!)

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