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And furthermore, CCC are now up in arms about the lack of a Skateboard Park being provided for Cork’s many young skaterboarding fanatics. In fairness to Joe Gavin, he did his best on this one – a park was earmarked for Kennedy Park but subsequently shot-down by an almost 2 to 1 vote by city councillors against such a project. Now, the very same people are fuming and complaining that there is no park in place!!! The ineptitude of Cork City Council grows ever frustrating! 😡

As i pointed out a few weeks ago, there is now no access to the Courthouse on Washington Street through the main doors (i.e. up the steps) this has left the steps useless and empty,. Hence, skateboarders have taken over and CC Councillors get their knickers in a twist. Open up those doors again and use the steps for what they were build for!
I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man…. but, it would be fine if the skateboarders just did a bit of skating, but they have covered the outer wall of the Crawford art Gallery in Graffiti and part of the Opera House Facade. Doesnt really get people on their side when it comes to building skate parks.

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