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Hi Sinead,
re the exposed timber windows – sorry I came across as narky – I mentioned the exposed timber in response to the fact that you were looking at timber grain effect PVCs, and in the context of your looking for appropriate windows for your house I said that your house would never have had such windows – windows that the woodgrain PVC would be imitating.

As for the aluminium, by all means criticise in a blanket way – it’s awful!! Well okay attractive designs are possible, but largely not for the domestic market. But primarily, like PVC, it is an environmentally damaging material to produce – this is why most people are against the material and why they’re against the 20-30 year lifespan of PVC. It is not sustainable to produce such a material that requires huge volumes of energy to produce, and is rarely recycled – and the icing on the cake being it only lasts for a short period of time.

But on this forum, as you might expect, people are concerned about the visual impact of these clunky, non-original, inappropriate designs and materials being used in historic vernacular buildings such as your house.
It is a beautiful structure as I’m sure you’re only too well aware, esp with that delightful monkeypuzzle out the front 🙂 – it deserves the very best, and that is its original timber sash windows.
Nothing will look quite as good as these, and if you’re interested in resale value and saleablity, brand new timber sash windows, in keeping with the architecture of the building and with its rural context will benefit you significantly over other frames.
As regards maintenance – a coat of paint every five years is all that is required, along with a light sanding before painting to remove loose paint – along with the odd check on the running of the sashes and oiling of wheels if necessary, usually checked with the painting.

Thank you for the picture you posted, the proportions are highly suggestive of simple one-over-one sashes. It is 99.99% likely that your house had sashes – as good as gauranteed – and about 70% likely it had one-over-ones. Painted white.
If you have the exact date of your house that would help further in identification of glazing patterns.

Hope this is of some help.

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