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Monty Gerhardy

@dc3 wrote:

Not at all suggesting PVC windows but the suggestion that their life span is only 20 years is probably a serious underestimate, particularly those from the better manufacturers.

Agreed. Modern uPVC windows should last at least 40 years but identifying a good system can be difficult to the lay person. The profiles will last indefinitely. The problems usually arise with the design and ironmongery. Bearing in mind that windows and doors apart from being the only moving parts in your average house are also subject to significant thermal stresses. uPVC is not the best plastic for absorbing such stresses, particularly when in conjunction with other materials such as glass, steel, gaskets etc. When you have poorly designed windows the ‘system’ will fail although the profile will not decay for several millennia. Repairing uPVC is difficult and replacing ironmongery especially so when one considers the rapid evolution of the systems and consequent changes in specification. The pinking problem has more or less disappeared in new windows but I would be nervous about profile that may be coming in from China. I have heard that it is at least 25% cheaper then European profiles (no Greenpeace to harp on about heavy metal stabilisers there) and the only way of knowing there is a problem is when the window starts going pink. The British Plastics Federation has a very informative leaflet making the case for plastic windows although the section on the environmental credentials of timber is unintentionally hilarious. I’ll post it if I get the hang of attachments.

Is mise le meas,

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