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Thanks for informative response once again. I met with the Owner and he had a look at the original pantry window, which has those old timber shutters also, he said this window is exactly the same as all the others were 😀
He also sorted out the door query, he said the ope size was never altered and that a large heavy timber door was in place.
Also the window catches are similar to the Edwardian type that you displayed on last post, as these are still on the pantry window, though they are not as fancy, I guess more of a traditional farmhouse style, but exact same in their design/shape. The Owner confirmed these existed on all other windows and that there were pulleys and wheels with weights previously, so its all looking good! Sale to close on house tomorrow, fingers crossed eight months later!!
Thanks for the cost implications also, good to know. I will also do a google search for more pictures, though we will probably get the joiner, to come to see the original windows, along with giving him specific sizes of the original. So my initial question has now been answered
I was in the car driving from Dublin to Limerick with my boyfriend yesterday, and I decided to read your reply to him, it was quiet funny when I got to the end, your warning about becoming a window fanatic, I had just pointed at probably every tenth house’s windows from Dublin to Limerick – So that made us laugh out loud:)

Thanks again for all your information. I am delighted with it 😀

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