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Graham, I meant the reveal thickness has been filled in with concrete or other, it looks like original door was wider and higher than the existing one. I asked previous owner about windows and doors, he does not remember windows, though he said they were “up down sliding” windows, and as for the door, he said there was a glazed panel somewhere near the top of the door and a glazed panel at one side full length of the door, he sad he will lokk for old photographs, though doesn’t think he has any.
Thanks for the information for joiners, because to be honest, I wouldn’t have a clue and might have stupidly assumed they know what they are doing, so I will now note the importance of the slenderness of the sash timbers and concealing as much of the holding frame as possible! And fingers crossed the finished product is suitable. I have found quiet a number of joiners, so I am just waiting on replies and then refernces before deciding on who to go with.
Than s for help, much appreciated 😉 Sinead25

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