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St. Catherine’s Bakery, there was a real throwback, tiny shop, creaky floor, turnovers 3 for £1.

this would be a view of the rear of the site with the tower of St. Catherine’s rising up on the far side of Thomas’s Court.

Must get a closer look at the building. No matter how prestigous the architects, I just dont trust the building record reports that are being submitted with planning applications at the moment.

The Frawleys development Building Record Report states that ’34 -35 is a 3 bay symmetrical facade in a muted, vaguely Art Deco style’ and it reports of no. 36, (Fade’s early 18th century mansion) ‘The building is Victorian in character’! and that the rear elevation ‘ . . has blocked up windows in various styles’! No. 32, which I would put my mortgage on being a rare twin ‘Dutch Billy’, is just an early Georgian with a double hipped roof apparently.

The one interesting thing from the Frawley’s application was an archaeological report from Claire Walsh which included a trial trench as well as a desk top survey. Nothing outstanding turned up but the extent of the monastery is clear and they are at least trying to find it.

An extract from the archaeological report with the monastery that GP was asking about overlaid on Rocque.

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