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Always loved that one – what a gem. The window is such a token gesture 🙂

Back on Dame Street there are suspicious goings-on in respect of the gable of this previous featured suspect.

However the main brick of the facade would appear to be Victorian machine-made brick.- and not just suggested by the darker bands, but the red brick itself is clearly ‘modern’. Bizarrely the rebuilt portions to the top appear older – perhaps just an inferior replacement brick was used. Water damage appears to be the cause of the venerable appearance to the sides. Given the somewhat dated fenestration, it’s possible the lower portion of the building was a Billy that was refaced in the late 19th century, and subsequently repaired to the gable.
Why the building is being ‘aired’ to the extent that it is is a cause for concern 😡

Next door is a delight.

An18th century window clinging on in there at the top.

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