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Back to urban matters, many artists made a career out of painting the appalling dereliction in Dublin, in the 20th century. Seamus O’Colmain [1925 – 1990] was one such artist who practiced in a sort of gloomy impressionist style that was well suited to the subject matter.

This is one of O’Colmain’s paintings which popped up on a art auction web site recently:

The painting is just entitled; ‘Old Dublin Street’, and it appears to depict what might be a twin-gabled house along side another gabled house that might also have been originally twin-gabled, but has had some kind of bite taken out of it. Normally I wouldn’t put a lot of store in an image such as this having a whole lot of topographical value, especially since the location is so vague in the title, but images of twin gabled houses are hard to come by and we have to take what we can find.

I’m struggling to put a location on this streetscape, if in fact it existed at all outside of the O’Colmain’s imagination, would anyone have any idea?

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