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What is going on at this building is a scandal. Red cessation of works notices have been slapped on two-up two-downs in Portobello when the will was there, while here on Camden Street, on one of the most important buildings in the city, things merrily chug along as they always do with the proud new owners of this building. The well known czars of Camden Street. In any civilised city, there would be a team of officials and the police down at a site of this significance. Here, as we speak, two and a half weeks after being brought to the planning authority’s attention, a team of operatives continue to crawl over the roof, full steam ahead, finalising their gut job, while the crisp Section 152 warning letter sits on a doormat out in Lucan of the ‘architects’ involved in this unholy debacle.

What a complete farce. This is beyond GUBU stuff. Not least as it’s contrived from all sides.

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