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This is a tasty triple gabled house called Barnham Court in West Sussex that illustrates the point about the attic storey fenestration being dependant on the gable positioning and how this often meant that the outer windows had to drift in respect of the five bay fenestration below.

Note how the tricky challenge of dealing with the rain water outlets from the valleys between gables was resolved by concealing a channel above the strong projecting string course below the attic storey, a devise that also deflected attention away from the imperfections in the window spacing.

Barnham Court is an immaculately preserved Grade 1 listed building, as you’d imagine, but unfortunately more contemporary images of the front are partially obcured now by trees. English Heritate date the house to circa 1640 and the brickwork has been linked to that at the Dutch House at Kew, built in 1631. These dates are a good eighty to ninty years earlier than Irish examples of triple gabled houses and for this reason it is unlikely that there is any direct link between the two traditions, although a handful of under-studied English examples may approach a bit nearer to 1700.

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