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Thanks for that gunter, that Rathmines building is extremely similar, and a great reconstruction… Any idea what the original render would have been like?

@gunter wrote:

As it turns out Simon, it is emerging that these triple gabled houses tended to be double gabled to the rear.

We know this from a remarkable survivor in Rathmines which, with its Regency façade, is a doppelganger for your Lady Lane house in Waterford.

I dunno if that’s the case with the lady lane one…. The sketch seems to suggest the rear was three bay.. As the two gables portrayed are skewed to one side, and I think you can make out the tip of the third gable… But not sure.. It was one grand building in it’s day standing out against the Bishops palace (an extremely grand building!) as it does in that sketch above.. And some very wealthy person I’m sure lived there, be nice to know more of the history…..

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