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On the subject of paintings of Dublin streetscapes, this is a Harry Kernoff painting of Georges Quay with the Loop Line Bridge just visible on the right, Luke Street running back from the quay on the left, and Tara Street Fire Station tower in the distance.

The three storey houses on Georges’ Quay were apparently known as ‘old Flemish houses’ at the time and are recognisably the same house type that we were discussing on Benburb Street. Georges’ Quay was developed at the same time as Barrack St./Tighe St [Benburb Street] and was just called the ‘New Quay’ until the opportunity to honour the new monarch, George I, arrived in 1714.

No disrespect to Kernoff, but fortunately we also have a photograph of the same terrace from a little earlier. Cruciform roofs, chunky chimneys and, in one case, pinched-in upper floor windows, tell the story that the Georgian flat parapets do their best to conceal.

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