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Dutch Billy on Eden Quay

DeVeres art auction house are selling an interesting painting by William Sadler at the moment [as advertised in Saturday’s Irish Times]. It shows a glimpse of Gandon’s new Carlisle Bridge and the vista down Eden Quay towards Gandon’s new Custom House.

Eden Quay was a creature of the Wide Streets Commissioners, but in the Sadler painting, it hadn’t been fully realized yet with a hoarding evident around the quay wall and one of a stepped terrace of seven Billys [depicted by Rocque on what had previously been the east end of Bachelor’s Walk] still standing in the middle distance, beyond the first two five-bay arcaded blocks constructed eastward of the corner with the new Lower Sackville Street.

The future Sackville/O’Connell Street and Bridge outlined on Rocque’s map. A WSC map, published in McCullough’s Urban History of Dublin shows this intervention in more detail and clearly shows the intended set-back to Eden Quay that necessitated the demolition of the seven Billys [six in the WSC map].

The Wide Street Commissioners were the arch destroyers of Billys in the days before the baton was passed to Dublin Corporation.

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