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A nice round-up there gunter. The Lazers Hill mansion appears to have had a particularly well embellished facade, possibly with paired pilasters to the ends and pairings to the central bay. An interestingly modest use of fenestration. Possibly grandly scaled windows in compensation for more plentiful, smaller opes.

We also have this extraordinary mansion, apparently ‘St. Michael’s House’ in Finglas – now demolished I believe. Finglas has and had a number of mansions, but I can’t find much on it – nor its marvellous 1930s, I mean 1730s, doorcase!

There seems to be little doubt it had three gables originally.

Its contemporaneous survivor, Gofton Hall, looks like it almost certainly had its attic storey built up in an ambitious re-ordering in the 19th century.

Molesworth Street is definitely where it’s at – a shame Brooking just misses out on the drama.

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