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A marvellous exposition as ever. gunter, both in London and Wexford. To return last year’s comment – do you know the meaning of a holiday? 😉

The mock-up arrangement for the Bull Ring looks spot on, with possibly three windows at first floor level. Indeed, I wonder if the rendered platbands are a practical device for accommodating original platbands. What a magnificent enclosure it would have made. Also, standing on Main Street today, one cannot fail to be impressed how the fabric of No. 54 was blended seamlessly into the new department store as late as the 1920s. It really demonstrates the importance of never underestimating the practicalities employed in traditional construction and modification, nor the long-held instinct to acknowledge context.

Have you seen the 1830s or 1840s map of the Bull Ring, gunter? Surely it tells us something of the scale of the enclosure and the nature of the returns?

In the case of twin-gabled houses, I think you’re right to point out the apparent hiatus between the idiom in Britian and in Ireland. We must remember this was simply an immensely practical way of roofing a deep house with comfortable head height, whose resulting modest architectural pretension gives more weight to inherited traditions in carpentry as the principal driver, rather than design aspirations. Certainly though, the ‘M House’ shows us how acceptable it was to have gables expressing themselves on a fashionable house fronting a major street, allbeit in an existing – if quickly evolving – gabled environment.

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