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Very interesting Gunter. I was wondering about the string course and what I thought were lanes, now I know what I’m looking at, it’s very clear on Roque.

Notice the white triangle behind the row? Do you think that this ghostly Billy air-snapped in the 50’s was contemporary with Clancarty House?

The sheer age, the continuous development of high density housing around Billys and the amount of re-modelling they went through right from the start is amazing.

For instance, here’s what looks like a twin Billy, with a large carriage entrance to the right of the five bay Mansard roofed building (in Islandbridge?) in 1699…

And again in 1753, where the twin seems to have been replaced/altered to a large single gable, Dutch Billy replaced by Dutch Billy.

Notice the gabled terrace that has appeared on the end of the row.

How, after a prolonged period, can larger earlier and presumably grander standalone houses, such as Clancarty’s be identified as such if partitioned, possibly partly demolished and incorporated into a gabled terrace?

Generally Dutch Billys must have been very solid houses compared to later Georgian terraces to survive the maulings of three centuries. Were they very well built?

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