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Hey Gunter, sorry, you’re right. I thought Ely Place was the lane underneath the ‘R’ in ‘Road’ on Roque.

Funny, last time I looked it was Merrion Row. But if you can make out the street sign in the photo it says Lower Baggot St.

As regards the rounded windows on Georgian buildings, there’s another corner example on the bridge-end of Caple St, that Malton drew around 1805. It’s still pretty much the same.

As to earlier 18 cent gabled gaffs, there are rounded windows in a picture of yours earlier in this thread (post 331) to the right and in the background on Francis St. Also in the Newmarket pic (post 335), not so much in the window frame but in the brickwork mirroring the curve in the top of the door.

I’m not at home tonight, but I’ll post Le Fanu’s description in the next few days, for the Hallo’een spirits out there.

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