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Interesting choice of jacket cover on a new book purporting to tell the story of ‘The Eighteenth-Century Dublin Town House’

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Interesting, because this is a book that gives you half the picture :rolleyes:

The jacket picture is the right hand half of Joseph Tudor’s version of the Sackville Mall prospect, the one showing Gardiner’s proposed Mall lined with spartan brick boxes, unrealistically inadequate chimneys and no roofscape – all as part of a cunning marketing ploy to convince Dubliners that, in their beloved Dutch Billys with their massive corner chimney stacks, steeply pitched roofs and pedimented gables, they were purchasing an out-dated style of house.

In the foreground, the crisp regimented terraces available to purchase from Mr. Gardiner, and in the background [you were supposed to take the hint] a montage of the topsy turvey Dutch gabled terraces of rival developers.

Apart from a quick skip through the typologies in the chapter by McCullough [this time with the picture captions properly attributed] don’t expect to find that half of the story of the 18th century Dublin town house explored . . . once again.

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