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I just think it’s a misreading. Pan over central Dublin on Bing Birdseye and what do you see everywhere? Pitched roofs of the Georgian and Victorian period, sometimes laid front-to-back and sometimes side-to-side, and all the other variants. Too much store is being placed in those double roofs. Some special meaning is being accorded them by placing the word “twin” in front of them, when really they’re just one of the many variants of the 18th/19th century historic pitched roof. Just a means of constructing a roof, done largely at a certain time (I gave reasons for this in my last post). And I frankly can’t buy the argument about extra expense – they’re just two basic roofs, of the kind churned out everywhere at the time, and of the kind many other basic buildings have in front-to-back format. Much more convoluted roofs can be seen. I don’t particularly want to keep coming back to it, but whenever I’m not contributing to the thread the twin gable creed is just pushed again, harder than ever. Conservation analysis and consideration is based on getting the origin and truth of historic structures, what it tells you about the culture etc., so if we feel something is being misread it’s important to say so, that’s all.

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