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@gunter wrote:

… the front half of [27 Bachelors Walk] is a storey taller than the back half. The back half appears to have been a perfectly standard, three storey [Dutch Billy]

Very interesting.

I read your suggested parallels with the Molesworth Street building gunter, but the elephant in the room here is that 27 Bachelors Walk is simply an early smaller-scaled gabled building given a four-storey Georgian front half in the late 18th century, as with the Upr. Ormond Quay house beside the Ormond Hotel mentioned earlier which is seen smaller-scaled and gabled in an old print but now has a four-storey Georgian exterior (whole building) with pre-Georgian internal features stopping abruptly on the third storey (and, on a wider level, earlier buildings with Georgian masking are of course ten-a-penny in Dublin). And thus that that front roof of 27 Bachelors Walk has no connection with twin gables.

@gunter wrote:

If the extra half storey was a Georgian intervention, why would they not have put a very simple, near-pyramidal, roof

Feels a bit deja vu, but anyhow: the pair of small parallel roofs were just a means of laying a roof, at a time (late 18th cen.) when it was becoming desireable to hide the roof, but when techology dictated pitches still needed to be a certain steepness. Consider that, by 1800, the technology / resistance to the elements had advanced so that shallow, very inconspicuous roofs could be laid on – for example – the D’Olier & Westmoreland Sts. Wide Streets Comms. terraces (to achieve the desired ‘metropolitan fitness’, no doubt ][/IMG]
(Oringinally posted by rashers on the forum)

@gunter wrote:

Nos 23 and 24 Bachelors Walk [only demolished in the last ten years]

Nos. 23 and 24 are still there – converted into the Arlington Hotel.

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