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It’s a shame the rear portion of Buswells has so drastically altered. All we know is that it was different to the front.
Its three-bay upper elevation is certainly more plausible as original that the lower levels, and we can pretty much make out where the rainwater outlets used to be. It suggests what No. 7 Bachelor’s Walk could be if of three bays originally to the upper elevation. It really goes to show though doesn’t it: we almost categorically know the facade of Buswells has been altered, and yet aside from the new parapet, it is impossible to tell through the brickwork.

In the case of the odd house at No. 27 Bachelor’s Walk, not only would a pyramidal roof make more sense, but a plain old parallel hipped pitch would suit even more so – it’s remarkably shallow up there. Not sure I’d go along with the idea of the house being altered mid-construction – rather it is surely a simple case of intentially presenting what you cannot afford to the street, and what you can afford to the rear? By design. In which case, it is surely unfathomable in such constrainned circumstances that one would build such a convoluted, expensive roof structure unless it had architectural intent?

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