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@GrahamH wrote:

It would appear C.P. Curran is another to be added to the red list!

Did we not discuss that grotty little man before.

A quick glance at Curran’s passage shows us the debased mould into which architectural writing on Dublin was once set. Craig might have included that quote in ‘The Architecture of Ireland’, but you knew that he was holding it with a tongs. I don’t think Curran was even a proper architectural critic, at best he was a bit of a plaster knob, but even at that, did he not make an eejit of himself with his chronology of Dublin Rococo, based on a howler with the dating of Tracton, or am I thinking of a different plaster knob?

In any case, the idea of basing an appraisal of a whole architectural movement on a drawing by Tudor would be like convicting a police suspect from their likeness in a Picasso. Reading that twat, you almost feel sorry for the impoverished citizens of Lubeck and Amsterdam, condemned as they are today to live in Unesco World Heritage cities.

Thank god there’s nobody like that around today :rolleyes:

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