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One of the well informed and intrepid posters on here should go down and check out No. 38 Fenian Street. It’s beside the gingerman pub. I have been intrigued by this building since this thread got a new lease of life

Not sure about this one tommyt. This one is just outside the range of the Rocque maps, so we don’t have that base level of certainty to rely on. The rule of thumb is ‘Dutch Billys’ stopped being built, even on secondary streets, by about 1745 and Rocque is 1756, so if its not on Rocque, it’s not a Dutch Billy.

The front is 19th century yellow brick and the window arrangement doesn’t really give any cause to believe that the the present simple triangular gable represents a rebuilding of an earlier ‘Dutch Billy’ gable. Having said that, the rear elevation retains one flush window frame which could just push it back into gabled house territory. Further east on Fenian Street is a fine early 5 bay, three storey over basement house, which I remember had a similar neighbour to the right which was destroyed by fire, maybe ten or fifteen years ago.

I hope that the office development that the auctioneers sign appears to advertise on this property doesn’t involve the demolition or disfigurement of this house. It would be unforgivable if a rare early house like this was lost, or diminished at this stage.

Dedicated ‘Dutch Billy’ anoraks might be interested in that fabled 19th century photograph of no. 10 Mill Street that was discussed earlier in this thread. I think I have a copy of it tracked down and if it comes through, I’ll post it up.

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