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@gunter wrote:

The windows on the first and second floor don’t line up, they didn’t have to. ‘Billy’ composition wasn’t dependant on a grid, the pedimented gable was such a strong and dominant feature of the design that we often see a reasonably flexible approach to the fenestration, which was almost a secondary feature of the facade

This is rather is tenous tbh. Non-grids or asymmetry are seen in a small minority of cases, but enough to make you wonder about the seriousness of the gabled style here.

And I can’t say I’ve seen a decorative gable supported by anything other than a grid of windows below in other countries more readily associated with the style. No doubt you will pull one out, but it would be the rare exception.

@GUNTER wrote:

Has it been established that the dormers here are non-original? Dormered buildings were a significant category of building here in the late 17th / early 18th century, as a glance around prints and views of the time show ……… Am just uncomfortable with curvilinear, pedimented gables as the default original treatment for every early building.

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