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Hold on a second, you’ve gone off on an unecessary speil there. I thought it would have been clear which houses I was referring to on the three streets I named, but if it wasn’t, you should have asked me. It was 18 Duke Street, with the increased spacing of windows on the second floor – which your text hasn’t addressed. And the other two were 66 Capel Street and 41 Stephen’s Green.

You’d better offer good explanations or theories for the window arrangements of those if you’re accusing someone of not understanding things properly. And you can throw in 5a Upper Fownes Street while you’re at it. Of course there are all sorts of reasons for odd spacing – alteration, semi-reconstruction, amalgamation, vernacularity etc. – but it is something that seems to come up in Dublin in this class of building more than it does abroad.

Btw the 1728 Brooking panorama shows an overwhelming majority of plain triangular gables across Dublin – …. just something you should bear in mind given that you always draw your reconstructed or restored gables with curves and pediments.

I welcome what you post here generally. We just can’t allow you to over-indulge yourself 😉

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