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What a marvellous find! šŸ˜€ Clearly someone’s been ahead of you, insofar as it’s a Protected Structure, but ‘commercial premises’ doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

It seems to be quite similar to the equally remarkable swirling staircase in No. 10 South Frederick Street, but South Anne Street seems a decade or so earlier.

Is that an egg-and-dart architrave poking into shot to the right of your picture gunter? Talk about the most unassuming house on the planet! This place definitely warrants a closer investigation. The two houses further down also appear to have top-lit centrally placed staircases judging by their roofs.

On the Newry pair, I presumed they weren’t part of the rough cast render tradition as they have brick front walls, but moreover the capping ridge that defines the gables’ profile only appears to have been made so clunky at a later date with the sloppy application of render over it, suggesting modification of the wider facade. Have we precedent for a mannered brick front facade with stone for the substance of the structure? I can’t think of any though.
Indeed, just looking at the rear gables there, their tops are built of brick (though possibly later). Is that rear picture available in a better resolution to zoom in on the back of that sliver of the front gable?

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