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@GrahamH wrote:

Just imagine what they were like without that slurry of pebbledash!

Graham, they appear to have been built of rubble stone throughout [although the surviving chimney was brick] so the rough-cast render may well be the original finish, which links them to the vernacular version of the Billy tradition which we also saw at Sheep Street in Limerick, Riversdale House in Kilmainham and the Mount Tilly terrace in Buncrana.

@GrahamH wrote:

In spite of the immediate symmetry, they don’t appear to have been built as a precisely regular pair – there’s quite a bit of guesswork going on which is quaint.

. . . but perhaps not as quaint and lopsided as these three lads in the market square in the south German town of Schwabisch Hall 🙂 –

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