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The stretch of quay in Cork that we can’t see in the Chearnley view is North Mall and Popes Quay, which are both shown fully developed on the maps by the 1740s.

Nos 2 – 17 North Mall are included on the record of ‘protected structures’, but it’s not clear whether this is because of the quality of the Victorian streetscape here or because of the legacy of early 18th century fabric.

Possibly the most interesting house in the group is the four-bay pink house with the carriage archway on the right [marked with an X]. the nasty horizontal windows to the second floor appear to have replaced a pair of centrally located windows seen here in a NLI view from c1900, which also shows the outline of a large single hipped roof behind the top floor screen wall. This arrangement, together with a hint of very low rain water outlets on either side of the facade, suggests that we’re looking at one of those wide low, single gabled, houses also seen on the new quay frontage in Waterford at this time [in the Van der Hagen view]. Central chunky chimney stacks to each of the five or six houses to the left of the pink house suggests that this may not be the only house in the terrace that may retain fabric from the original phase of quay side development in Cork, the gabled street-architecture phase.

p.s. As the image posted here, in the detail, the roof actually looks more like a twin profile, whereas I had that second dark profile figured to be the gable of the roof to the house beyond. We need a good aerial view from the fifties I think.

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