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Well I have to hand it to you for sheer unsinkable determination on this, gunter!

Sure, you can take the house as represented on the billhead, draw in gables (with tiny pediments) and tie it somewhat to that doubled-gabled, four-bay house in the Liberties, but then the depiction of the house in the Bartlett print – which seems to have a Maltonesque standard of draughting accuracy about it – pulls it in another direction; ie. that of a single gable. If some truth about the gabled elevation did filter onto that billhead, perhaps it was just single gabled with a large central feature / pediment?

The Barlett representation also raises the spectre that, of the extant double-perpendicular-laid-roof houses on standard plots that were originally gabled (possibly 7 Bachelors Walk but probably not 32 Thomas Street or 120 Cork Street imo), were those small double roofs simply fronted by a single gable, as would seem more realistic to the scale of the house? Or were double roofs just one of the many alterations made to earlier buildings over time, as there is strong evidence for in some cases?

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