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The demolished house site, with new galvanised hoarding. This was the last house to be demolished on Thomas Street, only a few years ago (with the exception of the protected house beside The Clock pub, and the protected house with the half missing, recenty deconstructed facade opposite Caffe Noto, and the…)

I remember Devin had a nice photograph of the above house somewhere. It had a painted brick or rendered facade by then.

The large corner chimneystack still clinging on in there – probably of about 1750 date. The hoarding was loose the other day…

The chimneypieces long vanished.

Where the stairs used to be, and partition wall between the landing and front room.

It’s hard to know if a basement survives as the ground is so covered with vegetation and rubbish.. Certainly there’s swathes of buddeia in there, so it’s growing out of something. A bit of the hall floor seems to survive anyway.

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