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Yes these houses are important in terms of antiquity, survivial of fabric, streetscape value and rare scope for justified gable reinstatement. Indeed, as they are not Protected Structures, nor located in an ACA, unfortunately it is unlikely that DCC can make it a condition that works be carried out to these houses as part of the Library application. I was thinking of this option too, but alas I don’t think it’d hold, ahem, water legally.

There has been a lot of movement on all of the houses along this stretch in recent weeks. McGrunder’s pub, an amalgam of two houses of apparent mid and late-18th century date, is being cleared out of all its rubbish, including dodgy pub furnishings, while security works have also been happening at the site of the demolished house near the corner with Handel’s pub. So there is movement.

Without question though, as the State clearly still owns this, one of the most important stretches of streetscape in Dublin, it must step up to the plate in terms of responsibility in respect of all of these buildings as a matter of urgency.

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