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‘a significant conservation figure’ indeed.

Devin: Sorry I missed your irony earlier, I’m just trying to set out the case the way I see it. Obviously, I could be completely wrong.

I know you see this differently, but, either way, I think Bachelors’ Walk is the key.

Nos 5, 6 + 7 are the group in the middle each with a pair of roofs running to gables at the rear.

another version of the Halfpenny Bridge view with slightly clearer depiction of the twin roofs of nos. 5,6 + 7. Note that no. 4 [behind the cross] looks like an altered standard ‘Billy’ with cruciform roof and massive central chimney stack.

These were prosperous merchant houses built prior to 1740 [just like Molesworth St.], they had fully pannelled interiors and were sited next to probable ‘Billys’ of standard design.

While I appreciate that nos. 5,6, + 7 certainly made splendid ‘Georgian’ houses, with reduced top floor windows and flat front parapets, for that to have been the original design of these houses creates more stylistic problems than it solves and that’s why I think we should consider the ‘twin Billy’ scenario.

I’ll get back to you on 120 Cork Street.

Nobody’s bored with this discussion, don’t be ridiculous:)

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