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That shot of Hendrick street is a puzzle. I didn’t think there were that many houses on Hendrick St.

Rocque just shows six conventional, probably gabled, houses and four shallower, probably vernacular type, house towards the corner with queen Street.

None of the houses in the photograph seems to match the one surviving house on Hendrick Street, which lost it’s gable a long time ago, and which had a real butcher job done on it around 1990 when a developer (possibly Zoe) absorbed it into an apartment scheme.

A drawing from the mid 80s shows the same last house on Hendrick Street (looking towards Haymarket with St Michan’s tower in the background) with original flush window frames and something odd going on with the entrance door, all of which were dumped or mutilated in the renovation. Back in the 1990s this probably counted as a ‘conservation gain’,

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