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Look, it’s a basic rule: only use quotation marks for direct quotes. Simple as that. There is no room for argument.

You misquoted me already higher up on this page (in post 452) as saying ”wondrous and manifold Georgian roof profiles” but I let it go, though looking back it was quite an outrageouos misquote.

I’m not going to be subsequently misquoted three times. The only one of those four “quotes” which is a direct quote from me is “fantasy drawings”. The others or partial quotes or paraphrases.

The problem with a misquote is not just that the “quoted” person did not say it but that it allows the quoter to put their skew on it. I could if necessary present a rigorous case showing that twin gables (minature gables) on standard-plot houses were not a stylistic part of the gabled building tradition here, whereas ”I’ll die before I believe in twin-Billys” reduces it to bar room converstion.



By the way I agree with you that there should be a citywide survey of the remaining early buildings. And in general it is great to have this thread to look at examples in some depth. But you’re putting up a huge amount of material here, so don’t expect everything to be lapped up. Don’t expect nones’s going to disagree with anything, or the picture you paint of it.

In relation to gabled heritage being so supposedly downtrodden compared to Georgian heritage, Dublin City Council have in recent months granted permission for demolition of two Georgian buildings – 88 Thomas Street and 83 North King Street (both now under appeal) – so that part of our heritage is in no way safe or sacrosanct.

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