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@gunter wrote:

We were getting somewhere on this thread. We were identifying examples [many of them with original features], many of them boarded-up and likely to vanish if building ever starts up again. We were even getting somewhere on classification:- the eight or ten different designs of ‘Billys’ were starting to come into focus . . . . . and then along you come with with your ”I’ll die before I believe in twin-Billys” and ”these are gone, get over it” and your ”fantasy drawings” accusation and now your ”worn out shells”.

H-hold on a minute. Who are you quoting there? I did not say three out of the four things you have quoted me as saying. Please, you only use quotation marks when you’re directly quoting somebody.

@gunter wrote:

As far as I know everyone else was happy to go exploring, see what we could turn up, chew it over.

I am not ”against the world”, Devin, I’m against Devin ]spanner[/I]]

To remind you again, a discussion board is about debate. It is screwed if it achieves cosy smug consensus. Differing opinions are good for debate because they make everyone think harder about what they are saying and more aspects are teased out. I can’t believe you would prefer to just cakewalk your views accross the thread and prefer to hear ‘yeah, yeah fantastic gunter’ than somebody actually disagree with you.

When I say ‘gunter against the world, it’s about when you come out with statements like “we’ve treated the Dutch Billy as the daft auntie of the Irish architectural record” and “we seem to want to brush [gabled heritage] under the carpet” That is utterly unfounded!! However badly done, is rebuilding a gabled or semi-gabled streetscape on Lamb Alley or Duke Street sweeping it the carpet?!

If you think it’s not sufficiently celebrated, why don’t you get Capital D to do a piece on Dublin’s gabled heritage?

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