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That’s sad about the removal of those roofs …. and so recent, ooh it hurts!

But the harsh reality is that the majority of Dublin’s small 18th century former gabled houses are no more than featureless shells and would not possess the necessary “character and special interest” to make it on to the Record of Protected Structures. A surviving plan form, return etc. just isn’t rare enough or remarkable enough.

Yes, the remaining examples are all significant in that they represent a type, but the problem is there are too many of them in too basic a condition, especially in the commercial areas.

Only a small number of the city’s gabled houses are in something resembling a good state of survival – with original timber wall panelling, cornicing, staircase etc. within a reasonbly intact exterior envelope – and these are generally PSs. There may be some others which could be brought in too but, after that, there are a huge number which have just been too heavily altered or worn out to ever be accorded any conservation or preservation status.

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