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Yeh, pretty much, I guess 🙂

We looked at nos. 27 and 28 South Anne Street already.

This is nos 14 – 17 on the north side of the street.

The impression is of slightly unimpressive Georgians, so unlike almost everything else on South Anne Street, these house are not ‘protected structures’, except for no. 15 [the brick facade]

From the rear and above, it seems pretty clear however that this terrace dates back to the original development of the street in the 1720s and 30s and again what we’re looking at is a row of altered ‘Billys’ that are perhaps 60 – 70% intact.

Flush window frames to rear of no. 14 and a nice pair of returns to the rear of both 14 and 15. New flat roofs on 16 and 17. Paired chunky chimneys

All the original roof structures have disappeared over time with the last to go [no. 16] having been replaced with flat roof only in the last year or two.

The Google-earth image shows something like a cruciform roof behind the flat parapet of no. 16, but again, since this house wasn’t a ‘protected structure’, that valuable element that could have told us a great deal about the original configuration of the structure is now lost.

So we’re back to dealing with scraps of information, like this isolate gable fragment left in position on the party wall after the roof it defined was carted off in a skip.

gunter is getting angry 😡

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