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Industrial buildings with cranes are “distinctly unusual for Dublin”?? Where have you been looking? There’s one directly across from that one in the Temple Bar picture – now the Granary apartments – with a hinged crane at a lower level. And another large one can be seen further down the street in the picture (its 5-bay facade survives – minus the crane – as the Button Factory’s ‘Wall of Fame’ adorned with the great and good of Irish popular music).

There’s a good one still with its crane on Anglesea Row behind Capel Street, though it was badly restored within the last decade, and there’s one just off Usher’s Quay at Usher Street with the large central opes (though possibly without its crane).

Leaving aside whether or not that building on Newmarket has a double roof structure or not (I don’t think it’s clear at all), with the location on a market square (where a stone potato market still stands) and its large ope and hole above, I think it’s a real possibility that it was a ‘crane’ building at one point.

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